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   German Jazz Philharmonic GERMAN JAZZ PHILHARMONIC featuring BRENDA BOYKIN


The German Jazz Philharmonic is new, and it is unique. A full-scale orchestra, equipped with all the classical colours and a rhythm section as well as additional instruments according to the requirements of programme and arrangements, the German Jazz Philharmonic is set up around a core of members of the Wuppertal Symphony and brings together highly qualified musicians from first-class German symphony orchestras in order to achieve a very special combination: the combination of Jazz music and that wonderfully warm, dark, rich and rounded sound which is the audible trademark of the German orchestral tradition.

In 2003, the drummer and member of the Wuppertal Symphony Daniel Haeker founded the German Jazz Philharmonic, at that time under the name of “Members of Wuppertal Symphony”, in order to provide Attila Láng’s production of “Fiddler on the Roof” with a first-rate orchestral accompaniment for the 2003 Hellenic Festival in the Herodes Atticus Odeon in Athens. The huge success of the performances made it inevitable for the orchestra to carry on.

The German Jazz Philharmonic stands for Professionalism and Flexibility. It unites Tradition and Modernity in a unique way and offers a successful combination of Experience and Freshness.