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   German Jazz Philharmonic GERMAN JAZZ PHILHARMONIC Einzigartig und unerreicht!


The German Jazz Philharmonic is new. After having premiered in 2003 at the Hellenic Festival in Athens, the German Jazz Philharmonic has been founded under its proper name in 2005.

The German Jazz Philharmonic is unique. The orchestra comprises classically trained members of first class German orchestras who enjoy playing Jazz, Rock, Pop, Traditionals, Blues and Musicals with a full orchestra.

But the name “German Jazz Philharmonic” doesn’t just simply refer to the fact that its musicians are members of German symphony orchestras. The name is programmatic and stands for a unique combination: the combination of the warm, round, soft, dark, rich sound distinguishing the first-rate German orchestras in all their sections with musical styles normally reserved to bands and big bands.

In its full line-up in which it can be heard on the Demo-CD, the German Jazz Philharmonic incorporates all the sections you would expect from a full symphony or philharmonic orchestra, including harp, tuba, three trombones, four French horns, a complete woodwind section with not only flutes and clarinets, but oboes and bassoons as well, and of course, a generous number of strings. In addition to all that, the orchestra has a rhythm section and can, if need be, also provide saxophones and special instruments like accordion or banjo.

The German Jazz Philharmonic is professional and flexible. All members of the orchestra are highly qualified, professional musicians with the appropriate professional attitude. The orchestra’s flexibility allows for varied line-ups according to the requirements, and the GJP is open to unusual projects and always interested in working together with first-class soloists or conductors. But the term flexibility means a lot more and indicates the ability to accompany soloists sensibly and with the greatest of ease, and at the same time, perform as a powerful and colourful ensemble in its own right.

The German Jazz Philharmonic unites Tradition and Modernity. German orchestras have an excellent reputation, but they are also considered to be conservative. The German Jazz Philharmonic proves that German orchestra musicians can be different, at the same time staying true to the unique sound, the common breath and the precision of the German orchestral tradition and applying these assets to modern, popular styles of music which otherwise usually have to do without the attention of an orchestra of such size and quality.

The German Jazz Philharmonic combines successfully Experience and Freshness. This This orchestra presents a lot of young faces. However, even these young members have already a substantial professional experience as orchestra musicians, chamber musicians and soloists to offer and have already participated in many CD recordings and Radio and TV productions. And all the members of the ensemble have preserved their curiosity about musical adventures and sparkle with the joy of playing.