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Every proper enterprise has some sort of founding myth behind it, and the appearance at the 2003 Hellenic Festival in Athens is the German Jazz Philharmonic’s founding myth. Attila Láng, renowned opera and musical director from Vienna, and his choreographer Rosita Steinhauser had staged their version of “Fiddler on the Roof” – in Germany known as “Anatevka” – in the Wuppertal Theatre, and their extremely successful production attracted the attention of the Hellenic Festival’s board of directors. Three performances in the Herodes Atticus Odeon at the foot of the Acropolis were fixed for the first week of September 2003, and Attila Láng entrusted Daniel Haeker with contracingt the orchestra for this production.

“Everything was just perfect”, Daniel Haeker recalls. “It was as if nothing could go wrong. Three magic, sold-out nights on one of the world’s most beautiful stages. And after the shows, we were told that the audience’s enthusiastic reaction to our performances was really far out of the ordinary for this Festival.”